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Community Partners of Dallas holds 4 Annual Drives for the benefit of your kiddos. This page is your source for any and all details you need for each of them.

Easter/Spring Basket Drive
Baskets are available for all ages - newborn to 18 - and are distributed on a first come first served basis.
Distribution Date: Thursday, April 4th

Back-to-School Drive
We provide backpacks for 3 different grade level ranges - K-2nd, 3rd-6th, and 7th-12th. Uniforms are provided for non-foster placement pre-requests.
Pre-requests allow you to ensure that you receive the backpacks and uniforms you need. The earlier the better because some sizes run out fast!
If you weren't able to get pre-requests submitted for all of your kiddos, we offer Back-to-School Last Stop for first come first served backpacks.
Distribution Date: Wednesday, July 24th
Last Stop: Thursday, July 25th

Coat Drive
This year we are opening Coats up for pre-request, similar to backpacks. Submit requests for the sizes you need and pick them up packaged with your name on them. Miss out on that opportunity and we'll have a Coat Last Stop for you to shop through the coats that are left.
Distribution & Last Stop: Thursday, November 7th

Toy Drive
Make your kiddos' holiday wishes come true by telling us exactly what they want (within reason!). Submit wishes - in early October! - and/or come to the Last Stop Holiday Shop.
Wish Distribution Day: Wednesday, December 11th
Last Stop Holiday Shop: Thursday, December 12th

Question about these drives? Contact Erin Frisch at